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Norm Bilsbury, Ph.D. | Champaign, IL

"Norm gave us a framework and a system that enabled us to navigate important negotiations authentically, nimbly, and with confidence."

Michael Anderson, CEO at GameWisp

Training Fails.

We know this. We know you know this. In fact, this is why we purposefully raise this concern with current and prospective clients both early and often in our discovery conversations. Why?

Because we are experts in the science of individual and organizational change. And as is often is the case in today’s fast paced work environment, training as a stand-alone solution often doesn’t solve the problem an individual, team or company is experiencing.

We, like most professionals in the Learning and Development space are aware that Training is a solution for closing a performance gap only when new KSA’s (knowledge, skills, attitudes) are needed. In fact, in these instances training is an imperative.

Yet when the threshold for baseline training has been met, and performance impediments continue to exist, we then need to have the ability to step back and choose the appropriate diagnostic tool to better assess the challenges at hand.

This is why we begin with an organizational gap model for understanding the problem. We employ a classic Organizational Development approach to make this assessment by defining the gap between the Current state against the Desired State.

We are experts in science of personal and organizational change. We understand the psychology, processes, and journey required for the adult learner to grow and change over time. We know that when it comes to facilitating change your biggest concerns are around the stickiness factors of learning, retention, and the transfer of actual behavioral change to on-the-job-performance.

And while we understand that while training is a component in organizational change, for us, it isn’t the assumed solution.

There are many other diagnostic tools that can and should be leveraged depending upon the nature of the problem. These other methods for collecting data to more accurately assess what the challenge or the problem is include: employee engagement surveys, team surveys, behavioral assessments, one on one interviews, focus-groups, job/role organizational-psychology assessments, sales process effectiveness assessments, 360-degree feedback reports for executive coaching and individual coaching, training for mastery, personal development programs, spending the day in the field with an individual, or attending a meeting.

Once we assess the problem, we can the develop customized training packages that are tailored to meet the specific challenges of your organization. Our training programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Coaching Certification
  • Sales Training & Development
  • Negotiations
  • Customer Service


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