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Norm Bilsbury, Ph.D. | Champaign, IL

The Sandler Research Center

Capturing opinions and perceptions regarding today’s most impactful selling issues


Serving sales leaders and organizational stakeholders who continuously wrestle with challenging issues

Sandler has partnered with Top Sales World to deliver tangible value and make a difference in the fast-changing world of sales. The unique synergy of these two organizations will provide critical insight and direction to commercial organizations across the globe.

Sandler and Top Sales World’s global reach creates a significant research authority that addresses the dynamics of selling today and into the future. The results will provide a snapshot of best practices shared by the most successful organizations.


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[NEW SURVEY] The Critical Elements of Proactive Retention

Participate in the current Sandler Research Center survey - The Critical Elements of Proactive Retention. Here is the reality: Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars in sales due to poor customer service and inefficient account management. A recent survey quantified the amount of money lost annually by US businesses at roughly $62 billion. That number accounts only for clients who decided to switch providers directly because of sub-standard service. We want to discover how the most successful companies are managing the relationships with their most important accounts so that we can share their secrets with you.