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Norm Bilsbury, Ph.D. | Champaign, IL

Create Strategy. Nurture Culture. Develop Talent. Increase Sales.

Achieve real, predictable revenue goals in 2021.

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Are we a fit for you and your company?

Do you or your fellow executive team members see value in participating in the ongoing journey of continuous improvement related to the topics of Organizational
Excellence, Leadership Development, Sales Training and/or Customer service:

If so, we work with business owners, executives, and leaders who are:

  • • Intentional about creating reproducible systems to ensure efficiency and effectiveness so that all areas of their business are optimized.
  • • Focusing on the long-term with the understanding that to develop the business in the present, is to prepare the business for a more profitable exit in the future, or to pass it on to the next generation with greater peace of mind.
  • • Interested in creating, developing, and mapping systems that ultimately make the business more measurable, manageable, and predictable.
  • • Seeking to stop being the “hero” and instead, are looking to “make heroes” by training their management team to run the business in their absence.

  • • Committed to stop “reacting to their business” and instead are committed to working “on their business”.

  • • Convinced that managers should be intentional about developing their people and understand there is a significant difference between simply managing their talent vs. coaching their talent in order to build a talent pipeline.
  • • Determined to ensure their front-line customer/patient-facing care teams are empowered communicators who help to build the brand and deliver world-class service.
  • • Frustrated that the sales teams often sell on price, not value, and by doing so discount dollars to gain revenues which can lack margin.
  • • Tired of up and down sales reports.
  • • Looking to win more deals and crush their competition.

If one or more of these areas of focus speak to what you would like to start, stop, see more of, or see less of, with respect to your business, consider reaching out for an introductory and exploratory call with Norm to see if it might make sense to talk further.



  • Strategic Cultural Change
  • Why Have a Sales System?
  • Developing Leaders as Coaches
  • Feedforward: The High Performing Organization


  • Executive Coaching
  • Culture, Team, & Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Sales Force Surveys
  • Talent Management Platforms


  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching Programs
  • Negotiation Workshops
  • Sales Training & Development
  • Strategic Customer Service

About Norm Bilsbury, Ph.D.

From door-to-door sales to medical device startups to partnering with clients to enable growth...Norm's path has given him insight and empathy for the daily challenges that business leaders face.

With a background in business, academia, and Big Ten sports, the path Norm took trained him as a doer, thinker, and competitor—providing winning insights that are positive, compelling, and effective.
Collaborating with the management team, we close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

In the Press

When Norm Bilsbury was a communications major and varsity cross-country runner at the University of Illinois, he had a professor who did organizational consulting. “I thought, ‘That would be interesting and a needed service.’”

One of his favorite sayings is “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” as he was intrigued by the concept of culture getting in the way of people being able to do their jobs. “While that was fascinating, it didn’t seem right,” he said.